SOMI 2023 will be held on October 28-30, 2023 in Beijing.


  • 10:00~18:00
    West gate of the dormitory of CCoM

  • Electronic Music Marathon

  • 09:00~18:00
    Online   More info

  • Opening Ceremony and Future Music Concert

  • 19:30~21:00
    Opera Theater of CCoM
  • Yu Feng Chair
    Dai Qionghai Co-chair
    Li Xiaobing Executive chair
  • Keynotes

    Session 1: Music and Brain

  • 13:00~16:00
    Performance Hall
  • Wang Xiaoqin Chair
    Israel Nelken 《Exploring the neural infrastructure supporting music processing in the brain》
    Yao Dezhong 《Why do humans like music?》
    Du Yi 《Eyes Tap to Beats: Proactive Sensing in Music Listening》
    Huang Juan 《The mechanisms of music aesthetics - from unimodal processing to multisensory integration》
    Nan Yun 《Rhythm Processing and Brain Oscillations: A Developmental Perspective》

  • Session 2: The Power of Music: How Music Promotes Brain Cognition and Health

  • 16:15~18:15
    Performance Hall
  • Hu Bin Chair
    Hu Bin 《Medical Electronics and Mental Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment》
    Bjoern W. Schuller 《Artificial Music Intelligence: Are You Still Composing Yourself?》
    Hu Bin 《From Dopamine to AI Melody: Unravelling the Therapeutic Basis of Motor and Emotional Responses to Music in Parkinson's Disease》
    Wei Jing 《Brain Science-Based Personalized Music Therapy》
    Qian Kun 《Computer Audition Inspired Digital Health》

  • Electronic Music Composition Contest (Final)

  • 14:00~17:00
    Opera Theater
  • Qian Qi Secretary-general

  • Paper Presentation and Selection (I)

  • 14:00~18:00
  • An Ping Chair
    Huang Zongquan Co-chair

  • Session 3: Doctoral Forum on Music Artificial Intelligence

  • 19:00~20:30
    Performance Hall
  • Li Wei Chair
    Zhou Haotian 《Audio Mixing Inversion based on Embodied Self-Supervised Learning》
    Zhang Yu 《CCOM-HuQin: An Annotated Multimodal Chinese Fiddle Performance Dataset》
    Wu Shangda 《CLaMP: Contrastive Language-Music Pre-training for Cross-Modal Symbolic Music Information Retrieval》
    Wang Yixin 《Sound Quality Representation and AI-driven Recognition》
    Xu Shenyang 《Few-shot Musical Instrument Recognition with Percussive-aware Attention》
    Qian Yikai 《MusicAOG: an Energy-Based Model for Learning and Sampling a Hierarchical Representation of Symbolic Music》
    Wang Tianle 《The fundamental principles of fundamental music theory - a hierarchical computational aesthetic perspective on music comprehension》
  • Session 4: Cutting-edge Music Artificial Intelligence

  • 08:30~10:20
    Performance Hall
  • Guan Xiaohong Chair
    Roger B. Dannenberg 《Repetition, Structure and Entropy in Music Analysis and Composition》
    Alexander Lerch 《Evaluation of Generative AI in Music》
    Kong Qiuqiang 《Music Generation under the Wave of Artificial Intelligence: Progress and Insight》
    Lamtharn Hanoi Hantrakul 《Practical Transcultural Machine Learning in Music》
    Zhang Xinran 《Robust Music Source Separation based on Loss Truncation》
    Lu Di 《Application of Singing Voice Synthesis in Automatic Composition System》

  • Session 5: Multifaceted Perspectives on Music Artificial Intelligence

  • 10:30~12:00
    Performance Hall
  • Wu Xihong Chair
    Lamberto Coccioli 《The ethics of AI in music creation》
    Kenneth Fields 《Live Music Performance in the Age of AI Mediated Reproduction》
    Pan Yu 《From Systems to Melodies: An Electronic Music Perspective on Systems Engineering Theory》
    Wei Bing 《Intelligent Guqin Dapu Procedure and Music Generation based on AI Technology》
    Gao Yuejie 《TG-CRITIC: A Timbre-Guided Model For Reference-Indepedent Singing Evaluation》
    Han Liyan 《Computer-Assisted Artistic Voice Analysis》

  • Session 6: Exploration of Prospects for Collaboration between Artificial Intelligence and Music Therapy

  • 09:00~12:00
  • Li Xiaobing Chair
    Hu Bin 《Cultivating and Training the Next Generation of Music Therapists through Artificial Intelligence》
    Blythe LaGasse 《Technology in Music Therapy: How Neuroscience is Shaping Practice》
    Kyurim Kang
    Zhang Xiaoying 《Research Progress and Clinical Application of Music Therapy in Central Nervous System Diseases》
    Liu Mingming 《Music therapy and brain science》
    Lu Jing 《The Exploration of the Brain Mechanism of Music Therapy in Regulating Cognitive Function》
    Chen Sijing 《The Application and Prospects of Music Intervention Combined with Digital Technology in Mental Health》
    Huang Zhifang 《AI Music Therapy System Research》
    Zhang Jingwen 《Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Music Therapy: Needs and Imaginations》

  • Session 7: Music Artificial Intelligence Industry

  • 14:00~15:30
    Performance Hall
  • Tie Yun Chair
    Zhou Qi 《Deep Integration with Ernie: Enhancing Productivity with PaddlePaddle AI Studio》
    Du Huailiang 《Meta brain generates intelligence, Large-scale model implementation engineering practices》
    Qiao Tingting 《Integration Digital Intelligence Technology, Empowering Cultural Value Innovation》
    Wang Zhiguo 《When Video Ringback Tone Meets AIGC》

  • Satellite Session: Forum on the Development of Music Therapy Discipline

  • 14:00~15:30
  • Han Liyan Chair
    Wan Ying Guest
    Yang Yanyi Guest
    Chen Luoting Guest
    Wang Bing Guest
    Wang Lujie Guest

  • Electronic Music Composition Competition Awards Ceremony

  • 16:00~16:30
    Performance Hall

  • Paper Presentation and Selection (II)

  • 16:00~18:00
  • Huang Zongquan Chair
    Tie Yun Co-chair

  • Music Artificial Intelligence Panels

  • 16:30~18:00
    Performance Hall
  • Guan Xiaohong Chair
    Li Xiaobing Guest
    Wang Xiaoqin Guest
    Sun Maosong Guest
    Wu Xihong Guest
    Li Jiang Guest
    Chen Changhao Guest
    Qiao Tingting Guest
    Wang Zhiguo Guest
    Jin Cong Guest