Electronic Music Competition

SOMI 2023

Currently, electronic music has entered the era of artificial intelligence. In order to deeply explore the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence and music composition, the Second Summit on Music Intelligence (SOMI2023) will hold a professional electronic music competition.

This competition is divided into two groups: Group A and Group B. Professional electronic music artists, artificial intelligence experts, teachers and students from professional music academy around the world are welcome to participate.

Group A: Classical Electronic Music (Computer Music) Group

This group is for electronic music (computer music) programs in the traditional sense. Including various traditional electronic music genres such as Acousmatic Music, Live Electronic Music, Multimedia Music, Interactive Music, Sound Installations, Sound Art, etc.

Group B: New Electronic Music Group

This group is for electronic music programs composed based on new technology, or a combination of traditional technology and new technology. New technologies include new technology types in multiple research fields such as Modern Artificial Intelligence Technology, Brain Science and Technology, and Music Information Retrieval Technology, etc.

Program submission Requirements

  1. Format  

Programs must be based on the 3D music composition mode of Object-Based Audio. The competition site will adopt a 7.1.4 playback system composed of professional monitor speakers.
The submission format is a clearly marked WAV format sub-track file (24bit/48kHz) and project file. The naming format of the WAV sub-track is "program name - channel abbreviation.wav".
The abbreviation of the channel in the naming format of the sub-track file is as follows:
Low-Frequency EffectsLfe
Left SurroundLs
Right SurroundRs
Side LeftSl
Side RightSr
Top Front LeftTfl
Top Front RightTfr
Top Back LeftTbl
Top Back RightTbr

  2. Submit video (if any)  

Resolution 1920*1080, MP4 format. The video should be aligned with the submitted audio.

  3. Submit music score (if any)   

Pdf format.

  4. 提交方式  

It is recommended to submit through CMT using attachment 1 (https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/SOMI2023).
It can also be submitted through the Jinshan form using attachment 2 (https://f.wps.cn/g/OsSZHV4Q/).

  5. Important Dates  

Program submission deadline: October 16, 2023.

  6. Contact  

Email: zqingwen@ccom.edu.cn

SOMI 2023